Here are some examples of work carried out in Formula 1

  • A well known Formula 1 team wanted to understand why they had not been performing as well against their main rivals in previous seasons and what they could do about it. An intense analysis of both the clients and competitions performance was undertaken. From this a performance improvement strategy plan was developed and implemented
  • One of the key issues was delivery of the main car build which was poorly planned and controlled and always took longer than expected with a knock on impact to testing. A full production build plan with all concurrent engineering opportunities was developed to reduce the time to deliver the main cockpit assembly and manage all required sequences in the build
  • Another key issue was one of certain parts not fitting when assembled on race day. These were complicated composite components so a full investigation using go look see and root cause analysis techniques was carried out. This identified the issue and a new quality programme was put into place to ensure all parts fitted from then on