Here are some examples of work carried out in the rail industry

  • A large train manufacturing group required a new product introduction manager to improve delivery of a train refurbishment programme that was 18 months behind its planned delivery. Main issues were a lack of coherent information exchange between the manufacturer and their client. A delivery management centre was created with all information relating to the project on the clients site. The client was engaged in weekly meetings where all concerns were dealt with and open and honest communication and commitments were displayed for all to see. The client went from being hostile to working closely with the train manufacturer to pull the programme back on schedule within 10 months.
  • A train operating group were required to deliver a driver upgrade to all its cabs  otherwise train driver unions were going to strike which would cause major and costly disruptions. The requirement was to upgrade the fleet of trains within 12 weeks, a very difficult task. A standard operation to fit the upgrade modification was developed to allow a large number of technicians to be employed to carry out the installation work. This along with engagement with the unions and depot staff ensured that that no driver cab without the modification was put in service. This was the case and the threat of strike action was removed
  • A large train manufacturer was commencing manufacture of train harnesses in a business unit that had not done this type of work before. The required task was to ensure that the manufacturing group were ready to deliver 20 train harnesses a week where they were currently delivering one a week. A full manufacturing strategy review was conducted with an initial development of a manufacturing plan. This also included the development of feasible shop floor layouts and then the use of Lean tools to further improve delivery volume and quality


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